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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Don't forget the Dental!

     One thing that we always need keep an eye on for our canine friends is the condition of their teeth.  There are many products on the market to help accomplish dental health in dogs.  But not all may be the best for your own little one.  The one good way to know if it is working is to have his teeth examined each year when he's in the vet's office for his boosters or regular checkups.  If the teeth are deteriorating, maybe you should change or add something to your routine.  Just as in people, healthy teeth are vital to a healthy body.  All kinds of ills can stem from an unhealthy mouth.  Another thing to consider is that if your dog has a really bad tooth, he can't actually "tell" you he's in pain from it.  So yearly exams are important.
     There are special treats at the Pet Stores that are designed to help clean teeth, as well as specially designed tooth brushes and canine toothpaste.  One of the most effective tools is something that is like a rubber finger tip with small nubs or "bristles" which you fit over your finger and you actually rub your dog's teeth and gums with it along with some yummy dog toothpaste.  Most dogs tolerate it pretty well.  I will say that Chihuahuas don't much like you messing with their mouths, so maybe this will be a good method of care if that's your canine of choice. 
     If you are lucky enough to have your dog to live to a nice old age, it is important to keep up with his dental care.  Otherwise, he may have suddenly have several teeth pulled at once, which can greatly affect his diet and ability to eat.
     I haven't been on here for a while because of some "extreme busy-ness".  But I'm glad to be back with you.  I'm inserting here a picture from a current litter of puppies.  His name is Oz, and he is about to travel to New Jersey to begin a new life with his forever family.  Oz is large and in charge, and feels very important among his three sisters.  I feel certain he is going to enjoy his life from here on.
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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Welcome the new baby with Puppy Shower!

     A few years ago I sold a puppy to a young woman who works in New York City.  I never did find out exactly what her job was, but it was in one of those big tall New York type buildings.  She had looked at my website,, then called to see if I had any puppies.  I emailed pictures of the puppies I had available, and she chose a beautiful black/tan female who would not be ready to travel for a few weeks.
     This extra wait time proved to heighten the excitement for this new owner, as well as her co-workers.  She called about once a week to see how her puppy was doing, and asked questions about her care.   It seems that by the time her puppy arrived from Houston, Texas to New York, New York, much preparation had been made.  A huge celebration took place a few days after the puppy arrived, complete with gifts, food, and lots of friends with well-wishes and admiration.  She had told me her co-workers were planning a "Puppy Shower" for her, and I thought it was the cutest idea ever.  Since that time, I have heard of other people being given showers for their new pet.
     Of course, etiquette would probably require that your friends actually sponsor and give the shower for you, if you're getting a new puppy.  But nothing would prevent you from simply inviting some friends over to meet your new family member.  Simple food and fellowship, some oooos and ahhhhhhs over the new puppy, and it's a great party.
     You could have your party with or without canine guests.  One would want to be sure that any dogs invited are "dog friendly".  In other words, they should be able to socialize and get along with other dogs.  It could turn into a stressful situation, otherwise.  If you have a large yard for running and playing, that is all the better.  You could have some toys and games for everyone, and of course special treats for both canine and human guests!  If you don't have a yard large enough to play in, or live in an apartment, you probably would want to limit the number of invited guests, or simply not include the "canine escort".
     A few little hints for a successful and safe party would be:
          **In the interest of safety--no balloons.  Dogs love to pop them, and can swallow bits.  Also, other dangerous edibles, such as chocolate and grapes.
          **Have lots of water bowls handy, as excited dogs who are running and playing will most certainly need a drink of water.
          **Be sure to have a camera handy.  There are bound to be some adorable scenes and situations that you will want to record.  If you have a friend who wouldn't mind helping out, let her take lots of candid shots of all the guests, especially including YOU and your NEW BEST FRIEND!!!  
          **If you're giving your party outside in the summer heat, be sure to watch for overheating.  A great way to prevent that is to have a kiddie pool filled with nice cool water where the pooches can cool off.  Of course, you'll need to provide plenty of towels.  Or you would advise your guests in the invitation that it's a "pool party" and they should bring their own doggie beach towel.
     If you have a party for your dog or attend one for someone else, I'd love to hear about it, and any new ideas you may have.  Please post a comment here on the blog.  And take a minute to go to the top of the page, click on FOLLOW, and become a follower of my blog, and please, share it with your friends.
     If you have a comment, or a question regarding about caring for your dog I will answer as soon as I can.  If I don't know the answer, I'll find it for you!  And, as always,
                             Happy Tails, Everyone!!!!!!!!