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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Puppies going out the door!

     Well, the current litter of puppies were evidently "magical" in their appeal to people who are in search for their "new best friend".  They were all (5) reserved with paid deposit by 2-5 weeks of age.  Actually, one is reserved by myself.  You met her in my last post.  She's going to stay here at Dogwood Kennel (shameless plug).   I don't let my puppies go until they are 8 weeks, so this has been nice, knowing for these past few weeks that they all already had homes with people who are so anxious for their new baby to come to their home.
     I have even had several people who would ask to be allowed to just come and see the puppies anyway, even though they were already sold, then they asked if I could possibly break the contract the the other people so they could buy a particular one.  I, of course, wouldn't think of doing that.  But I did think it was especially telling of how remarkable, beautiful, and spunky these little ones are.  So, we are handing out lots of business cards, and promising to call people when we have "puppies on the ground".

     This little one had absolutely no trouble picking his new family for Christmas.  How could anyone resist a face, and regal demeanor as this?  This little boy actually is from a previous litter; his name is Roscoe, and is living happily in a Doxie house in which a couple of humans are allowed to occupy parts of their space.  When the grown children are home with THEIR Dachshunds, I believe the house is completely overtaken by a total of 6 Wiener Dogs holding their own version of the Wiener Dog Races at Sam Houston Race Park.  (Robinson Family, you know I'm talking about you!)  :)
      But Christmas is not necessarily a given for being able to see all the puppies into new homes as presents.  I have experienced both situations, as above, where I had people literally trying to cheat others out of their reserved puppies, and other times where I couldn't even get answers to ads.  I haven't found a golden rule.  It just seems that either it's a "puppy Christmas", or it's not.  But all the puppies find their homes eventually, even if it's not by Christmas Eve. 
      I did fine one puppy that will, hopefully, be with me for a long time; I think I'll name him Sparky.  He started out as an outside dog, and I'll show a picture of him there.  But he wound up inside, as I live out in the country and I was afraid all the wild critters might mess with him at night.  But he's given everyone who has seen him a lot of smiles.  What do you think?  Actually, a lot of my friends have his littermates!
     Sparky has brought lots of positive comments from all who meet him.  This brings me to my tip for the day; and that is to be extra vigilant in your watchfulness over you dogs and especially puppies during the Christmas Season while we have decorations both inside and outside the house.  From experience, I can tell you (and so can Popeye), that having a puppy chew through an electrical cord is a very dangerous, painful, and scary thing!  And that was just for ME!  Seriously, be very mindful of your Christmas decorations that might be attractive to your dogs and puppies to chew on and possibly swallow.  Not only could it possibly make them very sick and/or endanger their lives, it could be very costly veterinary bills for you.  Many things dogs eat will not "pass naturally", and must be surgically removed.  Thankfully, Sparky has his own electrical cord that he is very "attached to" and has no inclination to chew on it. 
     If you have a topic you'd like to see addressed here on the blog, please leave me a comment and I will do my best to address it.  If necessary, I'll do some research to be able to give you a more educated answer than just my own "wild guess", if it's something I'm not sure about. 
     As always, I'd ask you please recommend the blog to your friends, any dog lovers you know (dachshund or otherwise), and ask them to follow (makes me feel good!).  And if you have a good Doxie story, or a question and/or comment, please leave that here.  I will answer as soon as I can, and if I don't know the answer, I'll find it for you.  And so, in the meantime,
                                    HAPPY TAILS, EVERYONE!

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